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AusFly 2018

David Donaldson - Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Forwarding info here from the SAAA, about this year's AusFly event:

SAAA in conjunction with AOPA, AMROBA, Narromine Gliding Club, Narromine Aero Club, Narromine Museum and the Narromine Shire will be hosting the AusFly 2018 event from 18th – 21st October 2018.

These organisations join in hosting the event to which all aviators, industry supporters, friends and members of the public will be welcome.

The event will be a “traditional Aussie Fly-In” that focusses on having fun, education and inviting the general public – particularly youngsters - to glean insight into the world of general aviation.

18th October, Thursday
- Arrivals from midday
- Evening welcome BBQ hosted by SAAA “on the house”

19th October, Friday
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Aircraft judging
- Show’n’tells of some of the aircraft

20th October, Saturday
- Seminars
- Workshop
- Flying aircraft demos
- Flights for young future aviators
- Evening Dinner Under the Stars
- Aircraft judging awards
- Awards for:
- Longest distance flown to the event
- Highest number of hours flown to the event
- Highest number members from a SAAA Chapter
- Youngest person flying in to the event
- And many others

21st October, Sunday
- Departure breakfast hosted by SAAA “on the house”

Also, the SAAA Training Team will be running a Maintenance Procedures Course (MPC) over Tuesday - Wednesday 16th – 17th October.

RotorWay Maintenance Support

David Donaldson - Monday, December 11, 2017

If you're not the original builder of your RotorWay helicopter, you'll need a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) to perform any maintenance or modifications to your helicopter. 

We've recently setup a new page on the website to identify licensed individuals and organisations that we've worked with previously, to support RotorWay helicopter owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The first LAME to be added is Wayne Cook in New Zealand. Wayne has been a long-term owner and operator of RotorWay helicopters, and currently maintains seven RotorWay helicopters for their owners in New Zealand.

More details including Wayne's contact info is on the webpage:

Additional maintenance support options will be listed as they are confirmed.

More Builder Assistance

David Donaldson - Monday, December 04, 2017
Builder Assistance provides access to experienced people who can provide the owner/builder with advice and practical help to get your kit build 'unstuck' and on-track for completion.

Steve Wintringham is a long-term RotorWay owner and builder. He has built two RotorWay kits and rebuilt two other RotorWay aircraft. Additionally he has assisted many owners with various repairs, and has approximately 300 hours flying RotorWay helicopters.

Steve offers assistance to RotorWay owners at all stages of the building process, including test flying.

More details on Builder Assistance and how to contact Steve are on the following page:

RotorWay Builder Assistance Program

David Donaldson - Monday, November 27, 2017
The idea behind Builder Assistance is to provide access to experienced people who can provide the owner/builder with advice and practical help for some of the more technical or time-consuming parts of the building process. 

Being able to get help from someone who's done it before (in some cases, several times...) can be a great way to get your build 'unstuck' and on-track for completion.

Graeme Smith is a long-time RotorWay owner and experienced builder, and has now offered his services for Builder Assistance. Further details on the website at:

RotorWay Announce Ownership Update

David Donaldson - Monday, November 20, 2017
Below is the recently released update of ownership arrangements from RotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing Company (RotorWay):

RotorWay is delighted to announce Mr. Guo Xiaoxiang as new owner of RotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing Company (RHMC).

Mr. Guo has many years of experience in the aviation industry. Before investing in RotorWay, he worked as a private venture capitalist with an investment company focused on general aviation. He has established many successful projects in Asian and Australian markets. He recognizes the substantial opportunities for light helicopters in emerging markets. It will be the next booming point for general aviation industry.   

Mr. Guo started as a RotorWay customer and has a deep understanding on the installation, maintenance and flight characteristics of RotorWay Helicopters. While he loves his A600 as a product, Mr. Guo also realizes the great potential for improvements.

After investing in RotorWay he will expand our production team to meet the additional demand while aiming at decreasing lead times and improving parts consistency.  Our heritage is still in kit helicopters.  By further improving the payload performance on the A600 kit platform the recreational toy we once created would eventually develop into a serious production tool for individuals in developing markets for agricultural applications. We will also be evaluating the potential of delivering assembled helicopters to customers in the future. 

The team at RHMC are confident that the new capital would bring the RotorWay brand into another chapter by transforming production processes, delivering better products and adding more benefits to RotorWay owners.

New A600 Talon Kit Pricing

David Donaldson - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RotorWay have announced new kit pricing for the A600 Talon commencing in November 2017. The new prices have been posted to the website here.

Over the last few years RotorWay have been making significant improvements to the Talon kit, including manufacturing equipment and processes, quality and design. There have also been significant changes to all areas of the company and team, with the singular objective of producing the best helicopter in the kit helicopter market.

The recent addition of the TURBO option is an obvious output of the improvement program, but there are many more changes beneath the surface, that are contributing to a better helicopter and a more sustainable operation.

RotorWay's owners have invested heavily in this process, and the new kit prices are intended to ensure the improvement program and R&D work is able to continue into the future.

Exec 162F Now Listed

David Donaldson - Sunday, June 04, 2017
Just added to the For Sale page:

Very tidy 162F for sale by original builder.
Upgrades include: governor, cog belt, stainless aligners, leather roof, leather seats (and factory cloth seats) Klixon breakers, Micro air coms, high speed tail kit, collective friction, throttle friction. 
Well balanced - 0.05 IPS on main and 0.01 IPS on tail in hover. 
Fresh elastomerics & new concorde battery.

Jump over to the For Sale page for details....

Bear Paws Update - New Price

David Donaldson - Friday, October 14, 2016
A while back I posted about Nathan Keith's new Bear Paws for RotorWay helicopters. The original post is at the following link:

Nathan recently sent an update, including a youtube link showing some flying in his local area in Canada. Here's what he had to say: 

"I hope you are enjoying your flying. Here is a recent video I made of my flying near my home in Huntsville ON Canada. I hope you enjoy and that I'll hear from you soon. Take care."

Here's the link:"

Nathan is offering a sale price for the bear paws of USD $400. You can contact him via

Talon Turbo Update

David Donaldson - Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Turbo Upgrade orders have been flooding in since it's unveiling at AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 a few months ago. The first few orders have gone out, with many others awaiting their delivery. RotorWay have released a couple of photos of the upgrade kit. The first one shows all the components that go into the upgrade kit, whilst the other photo obviously shows the kit installed in a Talon A600. RotorWay's testing is consistently indicating an increase in available horsepower of up to 30%. Contact us on if you want to know more about this upgrade kit.

RotorWay in the AOPA Pilot Magazine

David Donaldson - Friday, September 23, 2016

Earlier this year AOPA Pilot magazine did a feature on homebuilt helicopters. 

Of course RotorWay featured prominently, thanks to Reg Dixon and his very well-presented Exec 162F. 

You can download a scanned copy of the article by clicking here

Well done Reg and thanks for helping to spread the word....