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A600 Talon Kit Pricing

The A600 Talon can be purchased with a range of options.

A600 Talon kit

$149,000 USD

 Includes everything needed to fly.

TURBO Option

$9,000 USD

Pricing as an option on new kits only.

Avionics Package

$8,421 USD

Garmin GT225 Transceiver.

Garmin GTX327A Transponder

Wiring & Antennas

Light Package

$2,279 USD

Navigation lights

Landing Lights

Tail Light




$2,965 USD

Please note that prices are in US dollars and are ex-factory USA. This means that, in addition to purchase, there are freight costs, GST and Customs charges.

In order to keep these costs to a minimum, we ensure that freight and Customs clearance fees are at the lowest possible rates. These charges will vary slightly depending on where the kit is delivered. We will help you to confirm these costs up-front prior to purchase.