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Builder Assistance

The idea behind Builder Assistance is to provide access to experienced people who can provide the owner/builder with advice and practical help for some of the more technical or time-consuming parts of the building process. Being able to get help from someone who's done it before (in some cases, several times...) can be a great way to get your build 'unstuck' and on-track for completion. John Sumner used a builder assistance program to complete his A600 Talon in 2008. John tells the story of building his Talon in this 2-part commentary:

Builder Assistance; Part 1 Builder Assistance; Part 2

We currently have the following people offering Builder Assistance to RotorWay owners:  

Graeme Smith.  

Graeme was the Australian RW distributor & customer support person for over 10 years, and helped people in their build and understanding of their RW. Graeme has built many RotorWay aircraft and supported the owners in their building, providing support over the phone and visiting owners offering a helping hand and guidance. 

Graeme has recently retired, and is making himself available to support the RW community in Australia again. 

Graeme currently lives in Brisbane and will be soon relocating to SA near Adelaide, and will have facilities to build, repair and modify at his property. Flying in or out will be available.  Graeme is happy to travel to help anyone who may need assistance with their build, repair or maintenance.  

You can contact Graeme on 0412 741 742 or by email at 

Steve Wintringham.  

Steve is a long-term RotorWay owner and builder. He has built two RotorWay kits and rebuilt two other RotorWay aircraft. Additionally he has assisted many other owners with various repairs to their aircraft, and has approximately 300 hours flying RotorWay helicopters.  

Steve lives at Glasshouse, just north of Brisbane.   

You can contact Steve on 0409 610 836 or by email at 

Notes about Builder Assistance: 

The arrangements are purely between the owner and the person assisting, but you should expect to compensate them fairly for their time and any expenses involved in providing assistance with your build. There are a couple of points you should be aware of: 
  1. The regulations for kit aircraft do not permit someone to build a kit for the commercial purpose of selling it as a completed aircraft. This is not intended to prevent an owner from selling their kit aircraft in the future - only to prevent someone running a 'business' assembling kit aircraft for sale as completed aircraft. 
  2. You always need to remain the majority builder of your aircraft, if you want to be granted maintenance privileges over the aircraft when it is completed. So the emphasis is on getting assistance with the build, not on having someone else do all the work for you.