Registered Owners


Maintenance Support

If you are not the original builder of your RotorWay aircraft, all maintenance and modifications are required to be performed by a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME).

The following details are for licensed maintenance organisations & individuals that we've worked with previously, to support RotorWay owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are familiar with RotorWay helicopters and the maintenance requirements for experimental aircraft, and are available for builder assistance as well as ongoing maintenance of RotorWay aircraft.

Wayne Cook

957 Weedons Ross Road
West Melton, Christchurch
New Zealand
+64  3 347 1103 (H)
+64 21 255 9485 (M)

  • LAME with RotorWay endorsement maintenance approval (NZ)
  • Test Pilot for five RotorWay builds including Exec, Talon & JetExec.
  • Builder: RotorWay Exec 162f in 2003
  • Builder: RotorWay A600 Talon in 2017
  • Advise & Assist: A600 Talon build 2010
  • Advise & Assist: Jetexec build 2012
  • Currently maintaining seven RotorWay aircraft for owners in NZ