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RotorWay Training

We frequently get asked what ratings or endorsements are required to fly a RotorWay helicopter under the CASR Part 61 regulations in Australia. Although Part 61 has introduced a lot of changes to the licensing regime in Australia, the overall impact for RotorWay owners has not changed significantly. 

Part of the problem is that a lot of instructors also aren't very familiar with aspects of the new regulations; hardly surprising considering the volume and complexity of the rule-set. So they often aren't confident to give advice on what you need to do, to get flying in your RotorWay.

To help with this, we've created a summary of how the new regulations work for RotorWay pilots, and what the training and flight review requirements are for RotorWay helicopters under Part 61. There are references and links to some of the more useful CASA documents, so you can review them in more detail and potentially use them to discuss your training requirements with your local friendly helicopter instructor(s).

You can download the document by clicking here.