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A600 Talon Kit Helicopter

RotorWay helicopter kits are manufactured in an environment that ensures components and assemblies are of the highest quality. RotorWay manufacture most components, from engines to rotor systems and airframes, in-house and to the highest standards, making RotorWay kit helicopters an easy choice for quality and safety.

The A600 Talon kit is designed specifically for the amateur builder. Airframe, tailboom, engine and rotor systems all are factory-assembled and ready for installation. Put simply, the A600 Talon kit is more comprehensive and complete than any other kit helicopter, giving you everything you need to get flying.

Blueprints, templates and special tools are supplied, as well as a comprehensive package of construction manuals and DVDs. Smaller components are provided on detailed shrink-wrapped cards. Each part is numbered to correspond with the construction manuals, DVDs, prints and templates. This construction package breaks down the whole build process into a step-by-step sequence that has produced outstanding results time and time again by RotorWay builders around the world.

Although most RotorWay owners prefer to receive the complete kit in one purchase, the A600 Talon can be supplied in four separate groups. For some builders, this saves space by not having to find room for all the crates at the same time. It also allows the purchase cost to be spread and staged to suit your budget and building schedule. Flexibility and providing options are the key here, as every owner’s needs are different.

A RotorWay helicopter can be built in as little as 300-400 hours. However, the average first-time builder, working in their spare time, should anticipate taking 500-700 hours to complete the building phase.