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Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Company

RotorWay Helicopter Manufacturing Company (RotorWay HMC) was formed in 2014, taking over from RotorWay International as the oldest and largest kit helicopter manufacturer in the world. For it's part, RotorWay International began in 1990. However, its roots are grounded in a company called RotorWay Aircraft which was established in Chandler, Arizona in the early 1960s.

B.J. Schramm originally built a single seat helicopter of his own design called the Javelin. This helicopter was powered by a modified marine outboard motor. The production version of this helicopter was renamed the Scorpion, and RotorWay Aircraft was established to market Scorpion plans and kits to amateur builders. RotorWay premiered its first Scorpion kit helicopter at the 1967 Oshkosh Fly-In.

As the company evolved, so did its aircraft. The Executive model was created in 1980 and continued to be the company's premier model until the assets of the company were sold in 1990. A group of British investors, led by John Netherwood, purchased the company, and set about getting the new RotorWay International on its feet.

With the help of many of the previous RotorWay Aircraft staff, the company’s new owners reviewed the Executive aircraft from top to bottom. Improvements were made to almost every aspect of the aircraft including the method of packing and organising the kit, the manuals and the customer service program; to assist the builder with technical information. The company soon introduced a greatly improved helicopter, derived from the original Executive, and called it the Exec 90.

In 1994, RotorWay International moved to consolidate its dispersed operations into a new facility which could house the entire company. Along with the modern, streamlined factory, the company also introduced a new and improved helicopter, the Exec 162F.

In 1996 the RotorWay employees negotiated an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) arrangement to purchase RotorWay International. RotorWay remained employee owned until February of 2007 when the company was acquired by a group led by Grant Norwitz. Grant first became acquainted with RotorWay when he purchased one of its kit helicopters.

In 2014 RotorWay ownership transitioned again, with the new company being called RotorWay helicopter Manufacturing Company. Like their predecessors, the new owners are also RotorWay helicopter owners and pilots.

RotorWay has sold helicopters in over 50 countries around the world and continues to be the unquestionable leader in the kit helicopter field. RotorWay produces an award-winning, high performance light helicopter, and offers top quality, comprehensive engineering and the most advanced technology in the marketplace.

RotorWay provides its customers worldwide with a safe, affordable way to experience helicopter flight.