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Why we do it

Like most people in aviation, we love talking about what we do to anybody who asks, and even those who don’t…

After 25 years in the helicopter industry and talking to a lot of people, it became increasingly clear that there was a need to bring helicopter flight to a more accessible level. The message from so many people was that they’d always dreamed of owning a helicopter and learning to fly it, but just couldn’t afford it.

So we went looking for the answer, and we found RotorWay helicopters.

There are other kit helicopters ‘out there’ in the market, but after thousands of hours and dozens of helicopter types under the belt, we’ve learned that there’s no such thing as a perfect aircraft, and you need to pick the one that offers the best compromise of the things that matter to you. With decades of development, RotorWay offers real helicopter capability in a robust well-proven package that is affordable and ‘do-able’ for the average person to build and fly. And it looks good too.

RotorWay is about giving people the opportunity to do what they’ve always dreamed of doing, by combining the excitement and freedom of helicopter flight, with the satisfaction of building it yourself, to your own standards. Above all, RotorWay is about enjoying the experience of helicopter flight. And after a long time spent in the professional commercial world of aviation, we’re as much in need of putting the fun back into flying as the next person.

So if you’re ready to let your dreams take flight and have some fun flying your own helicopter, contact us to discuss becoming a RotorWay owner, builder & pilot.