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Q: How do I purchase the A600 TALON?

A: Contact us. Your deposit will secure a production line position and delivery date. Delivery is usually within 8-12 weeks. Alternatively, if we have a kit available in Australia, we can arrange immediate delivery.

Q: Is this really something I can build myself?

A: Yes. This kit is designed for the amateur builder, and most owners are first-time aircraft builders. Regardless of background, they have all succeeded. In addition to detailed manuals, the kit comes with an extensive series of construction DVDs and diagrams. Help is available over the phone, online, and in-person if you get stuck or just need a little reassurance.

Q: Do you sell the A600 TALON already assembled?

A: No. The TALON (and all other kit aircraft) is certified in Australia and New Zealand as being Amateur Built. We are not permitted to build these helicopters for sale as complete aircraft on a commercial basis. We are permitted to assist you with building your own aircraft to flying status, conduct test flying and initial ‘running-in’ with you.

Q: How much does the kit cost?

A: Details on the kit prices and purchasing options are contained on the Kit Groups & Prices page here.

Q: Can I maintain the helicopter myself?

A: Yes. When you build your helicopter from a kit you will be recognised as the manufacturer and are entitled to perform all maintenance. This has a huge impact on reducing the costs of helicopter ownership, and allows owners to keep control over the airworthiness of their aircraft.

Q: If I buy a second-hand RotorWay already built, can I maintain it?

A: No. Any Amateur Built aircraft sold to a new owner must be maintained by a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), or by the original builder.

Q: If I build it, can maintain the aircraft even after I sell it?

A: Yes. You can do the maintenance for the new owner, or they can get it done by a LAME.

Q: How many hours does it take to build a RotorWay?

A: The average time required to build a Talon would be as low as 500-700 hours. Many builders take longer, and some do the job in less time.

Q: What else do I need to buy besides the kit?

A: The kit includes everything except the paint and avionics. It's the most comprehensive helicopter kit available. You will need a range of standard workshop tools to build your helicopter. These are listed in the kit documentation, and are all readily available. More information about what's in the kit is available here.

Q: Do I need a license to fly a RotorWay helicopter?

A: Yes. All helicopters require at least a private helicopter pilot’s license.

Q: Do I need a fixed-wing license first?

A: No. You can start learning to fly a helicopter straight away. There are no prior qualifications or experience required.

Q: Can I learn to fly in my own helicopter?

A: Yes. The regulations allow you to be taught to fly in your own helicopter.

Q: What kind of fuel does the A600 TALON require?

A: This aircraft is designed to run on 92 Octane automobile fuel (Mogas) or Aviation Gasoline (Avgas), or a combination of both.

Q: Can it be fitted with additional fuel tanks for longer endurance?

A: Yes. It is possible to incorporate an additional 22 litre tank during the building stage.

Q: Is additional storage space available?

A: Yes, with the optional Helipac. This storage container fits underneath the cabin area and is attached to the skids.

Q: How much weight can I carry in the cabin?

A: There is a cabin weight limit of 193kgs.

Q: Does the ACIS give me more power?

A: The ACIS allows the engine to maintain sea-level performance up to higher altitudes. This means more power is available at higher altitudes, but no more than normal power is available at low altitude. This preserves engine life and means you don’t need to change the engine servicing schedules when you have an ACIS fitted. Contact us to discuss ACIS as an option on your RotorWay.

Q: Is financing available?

A: Yes, depending on your personal circumstances. You should discuss the options with your lender.

Q: Can I purchase the DVD series A Chopper is Born?

A: A Chopper is Born is the UK TV series showing presenter Mark Evans building a RotorWay 162F. Copies of the DVD series are available from Mark's website here. You can watch a series of short clips from this series here.