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A600 Talon

Released in 2008, the A600 Talon is the latest in the long line of RotorWay helicopters, and offers advanced technology and design, to deliver extraordinary rotary wing flight.

The A600 Talon is an ideal helicopter for those wanting a recreational helicopter without the expenses of an equivalent two-seat certified helicopter.  The Talon has a number of features which provide an exceptional degree of safety, flying enjoyment and comfort.

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A600 Talon Features & Safety Improvements

Next Generation FADEC Shaft Driven Tail Rotor
Electric Clutch Light Weight Billet Machined Cog Belt Drive with Spring Tensioner
Rotor RPM Governor (Optional) Glass Cockpit - HSI, CDI, GPS, TAWS, etc
Low RPM Warning System Safer, Stronger, Wider, Higher Landing Gear
Electric Water Pump External Battery Connection
Kevlar Skid Shoes Inertia Reel Seat Belts
Fuel Tank Drain Reinforced Tail Boom with Cherry Max Rivets
Lighter, More Powerful Battery Leather Interior

A600 Talon Specifications

Powerplant Standard RI 600N Liquid Cooled / 4-Stroke
Maximum Gross Weight 680 kg / 1500 lbs
Basic Empty Weight 442 kg / 975 lbs
Equipped Useful Load 238 kg / 525 lbs
Seats 2
Fuel Capacity 64 litres / 17 US Gallons (86 litres with Aux Fuel Tank fitted)
Fuel Requirements Minimum 92 Octane (Premium Unleaded) / 100 Low Lead Avgas (100LL)
Rotor RPM 520 (at 100%)
Tail Rotor RPM 2600 (at 100%)

A600 Talon Performance

Rate of Climb 1000 feet per minute
Hover In Ground Effect (HIGE) 6000 feet
Hover Out Of Ground Effect (HOGE) 4000 feet
Service Ceiling 10,000 feet
Fuel Flow 34 Litres/hr (8 US Gallons/hr)
Normal Cruise 161 km/h (87 knots) Indicated Airspeed
Maximum airspeed 185 km/h (100 knots) Indicated Airspeed

RI600N Engine Specifications

Standard Rated Horsepower 147HP
Torque at 4250 RPM 185 ft lb
Max Torque at 3950 RPM 191 ft lb
Operational RPM 4250 (Calibrated with 100% Rotor RPM)
Idle RPM 1750-2000
Bore 4 Inches
Stroke 3.228 Inches
Displacement 162 Cubic Inches
Compression Ratio 9.4:1