Registered Owners


Becoming a RotorWay Owner

When it’s time to put your dreams into action, contact us to discuss how you can become a RotorWay owner, builder and pilot.

We expect you’ll have lots of questions, and we’ll talk to you about what’s involved, answer your questions, and we’ll ask for some information about you, so we make sure we can meet all your needs.

The purchasing process is relatively simple, and we’ll guide you through it all the way. We start with a deposit, which secures your aircraft on the production line, and provides a shipping date when your helicopter kit will be ready to leave the factory. We arrange the balance payment when your helicopter is ready to ship.

In between, we’ll help you to get the shipping organised. We use professional importers who have done this many times before, and know how to get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Delivery will be arranged direct to your door, or wherever you have decided to commence building your helicopter.

When the building’s done, we’ll be there to help you through the paperwork of getting your new helicopter signed-off, registered and approved for flight.

So when you’re ready to make the next move, or just want more information, contact us by clicking here.